Digitize, as a document

Digitize, as a document - SCAN
Digitize, as a document

Once upon a time, there was a busy office that was drowning in paperwork. All the employees were exhausted from having to physically shuffle through countless documents to find what they needed. One day, a tech-savvy colleague suggested digitizing all the documents to make their lives easier.

But how to do it? They needed to turn all of their physical papers into digital files somehow. That’s when they remembered the trusty scanner in the corner of the room. The team got to work, feeding all of the papers through the scanner so that they were turned into digital files that could be easily searched and accessed on their computers.

As they worked, they couldn’t help but think of how to describe the process they were undertaking. They ultimately agreed that the best way to express what they were doing was to ‘Digitize, as a document‘ – which just happened to be the perfect crossword clue for their puzzle-loving boss.

Now, whenever they see the word ‘SCAN‘, they smile and remember the hard work they put in to make their office easier to manage.