Didn’t leave

Didn’t leave - STAYED
Didn't leave

Sure, I’d be happy to explain the answer ‘STAYED’ related to the crossword clue ‘Didn’t leave’.

‘STAYED’ is derived from the verb ‘stay’ which means to remain in one place or to continue to be in a particular condition. In the context of the clue ‘Didn’t leave’, staying means to remain or to not depart from a particular location, situation, or condition.

For example, let’s say you were at a party and you decided to stay and keep socializing with your friends instead of leaving early. In this case, you ‘STAYED’ at the party and didn’t leave early.

Another example could be if you were stuck in a traffic jam and you chose to ‘STAY’ in your car instead of abandoning it and walking away.

In crossword puzzles or other word games, the word ‘STAYED’ may come up as a possible answer to a question where the answer is related to not leaving or remaining in one place. It’s important to keep in mind the context of the clue and how ‘STAYED’ relates to it in order to correctly identify it as the answer.

I hope this explanation helps you to better understand the meaning of ‘STAYED’ and how it relates to the clue, ‘Didn’t leave’.