Didn’t abstain

Didn’t abstain - HADSOME
Didn't abstain

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Jack who attended an important dinner party. At the party, they served delicious wine which he had a hard time resisting. But then he remembered his promise to his girlfriend that he will abstain from alcohol for a month.

As the night went on, Jack continued to resist the temptation until he eventually gave in and had some wine. Days later, while doing the crossword puzzle, he came across the clue “Didn’t abstain” and was reminded of that night. He wrote in the answer as “HADSOME” – a clever play on words that not only fit the clue but also described his indulgence at the dinner party.

From then on, whenever he saw the word “HADSOME,” he was reminded of his promise to abstain and the importance of keeping his word. And so, the crossword puzzle became a helpful reminder for Jack to stay true to his commitments.