Demon in Japanese folklore

Demon in Japanese folklore - ONI
Demon in Japanese folklore

Once upon a time, in the mysterious forests of Japan, there lived a mischievous demon named Oni. One day, Oni decided to play a game of hiding and seek with the locals, causing havoc in the village.

The villagers quickly realized that they needed a way to protect themselves from Oni, so they developed a clever plan. They would create puzzles that Oni couldn’t solve, thus keeping him occupied and out of their way.

One of the puzzles they created was a crossword, with the clue “demon in Japanese folklore.” Oni couldn’t resist solving the puzzle, and soon became so engrossed in finding the answer that he forgot all about causing mischief in the village.

After hours of pondering, he finally figured out the answer: ONI. As he filled in the letters, he suddenly felt a shift in his thinking. He realized that causing trouble was not the right thing to do, and that he could use his powers for good instead of evil.

From then on, Oni became a helpful assistant to the villagers, using his strength to protect them from danger and his wits to solve their problems. The village never had to worry about Oni causing havoc again, as he had found a new purpose in life thanks to the crossword puzzle.