Deification - APOTHEOSIS

Certainly! Deification is a term that refers to the act of worshiping or revering something as if it were divine. In some cultures, it was common to deify rulers, heroes, and other notable individuals. The practice of deification is often associated with ancient or pagan religions.

The crossword clue ‘Deification‘, then, could potentially have many answers. However, one that fits particularly well is APOTHEOSIS. This is a term that comes from ancient Greek religion and refers to the process of elevating a mortal or human being to the position of a god or goddess. It was often used in reference to figures such as Heracles, who was believed to have achieved immortal status after death.

In a more general sense, aptheosis can be used to describe any kind of ultimate achievement or the highest point of something. For example, a triumphant performance or an artist’s masterpiece could both be described as an aptheosis of their respective fields.

Overall, APOTHEOSIS is a great answer for the crossword clue ‘Deification’ because it captures the idea of elevated status and reverence that comes with deification.