How to Confidently Solve This Tough Crossword Clue

How to Confidently Solve This Tough Crossword Clue - AVERS
Declares confidently

There once was a young lawyer named Max who was known for his confidence in the courtroom. One day, Max had to defend a highly anticipated case where the opposing side was equally as confident. Both sides were declaring their arguments with so much conviction that the judge was having a hard time deciding who had the upper hand.

After hours of arguments, the tense atmosphere in the courtroom was finally broken when Max stood up and declared confidently, “Your Honor, I AVERS that our case is stronger than the opposition’s.

Everyone was stunned by Max’s confidence and conviction. No one had heard such a bold declaration before. The judge was impressed, and he eventually ruled in Max’s favor.

From that day on, people started using the word “avers” to describe when someone declares something confidently and with full conviction, inspired by Max’s declaration in the courtroom that day.