December drink

December drink - NOG
December drink

Once upon a time, in the cold winter month of December, there was a man named Eddie who owned a cozy little bar on Main Street. Every year, he would come up with a special cocktail menu for the holiday season. This year, he wanted to create something new and exciting.

One day, while Eddie was brainstorming ideas for his holiday menu, he stumbled upon an old recipe for a creamy, rich drink that he had never tried before. The recipe called for eggs, cream, sugar, and some spices. Eddie was intrigued, so he decided to experiment with the recipe.

After many attempts, Eddie finally perfected the recipe and served it to his customers. They loved it! The drink was so popular that people started calling it “Eddie’s Egg Nog“. The name stuck and soon enough, everyone in town was raving about this delicious new drink.

Now, every year in December, Eddie’s bar is filled with the sweet aroma of his famous “Egg Nog“. It has become a holiday tradition that everyone looks forward to. And that, my dear friends, is the story of how the crossword clue ‘December drink’ and its answer ‘NOG’ are forever connected.