Stuck on a crossword? Discover the answer to ‘Damascene’s country’ here!

Stuck on a crossword? Discover the answer to ‘Damascene’s country’ here! - SYRIA
Damascene's country

Once upon a time, in a magnificent library filled with books from around the world, there was a crossword puzzle enthusiast named Jane. Jane had completed every crossword puzzle in the library and was now faced with her biggest challenge yet – a crossword clue that read, “Damascene’s country.”

Jane had no idea where to even begin. She pondered over the clue for hours until she came up with an idea – she asked the librarian for help.

The librarian, who was also a history enthusiast, explained to Jane that “Damascene” referred to the city of Damascus, which was located in the Middle Eastern country of Syria. Jane was amazed at the connection and excitedly filled the word “SYRIA” into the crossword puzzle.

Jane learned that Damascus is one of the oldest cities in the world and is considered to be one of the world’s great cultural and religious centers. It was no wonder that the city of Damascus had found its way into a crossword puzzle clue.

From that day on, Jane would always remember the connection between Damascus and Syria and share this fascinating piece of knowledge with anyone who needed assistance with crossword puzzles.