Cuts out

Cuts out - OMITS
Cuts out

Certainly! As an expert in the field, I can explain the crossword answer ‘OMITS.’

When you hear the phrase ‘cuts out,’ you might think of cutting away or removing something. ‘Omits‘ is similar, but instead of physically cutting or removing something, it means to leave it out or not include it.

For example, imagine you are writing a story and you decide to omit a character. This means you choose not to include that character in your story. Or, if you were making a shopping list, you might omit certain items that you don’t need.

In the context of a crossword puzzle, ‘omits‘ could be a clue for a blank space in the puzzle where a letter or word should be, but has been left out. By filling in the correct letters or words that were omitted, you can solve the puzzle.

So, to summarize, ‘omits‘ means to leave out or not include something. It’s a useful word in writing, to help make language more concise and focused. And in a crossword puzzle, it can help you solve clues and complete the puzzle.