Curriculum ___

Curriculum ___ - VITAE
Curriculum ___

As a detective, I love a good puzzle, so when I saw the crossword clue “Curriculum ___“, I knew I had to crack this case. I started by thinking of common terms that often follow “curriculum“, and immediately “vitae” came to mind. “Vitae” is a Latin term that means “life” and is often used in the context of an individual’s career and educational experiences. It made perfect sense to me that the missing word was “vitae,” as a curriculum vitae (CV) is a document detailing one’s education, work experience, and accomplishments.

But to be sure, I researched the term to confirm my hunch. I scrolled through different dictionaries and websites, and saw that “curriculum vitae” was indeed the formal name for a comprehensive summary of an individual’s educational and professional history. Armed with this information, I quickly wrote “vitae” into the crossword puzzle and solved the clue.

In detective work, it’s often the subtle clues and insight that lead to a solution, and in this case, my familiarity with the term gave me the edge to crack the mystery of the crossword clue.