Currency of the Philippines

Currency of the Philippines - PESO
Currency of the Philippines

As a detective, the first thing I do when encountering a crossword clue is to break it down into its constituent parts to identify any possible clues or hints within it. In the case of ‘Currency of the Philippines’, I immediately hone in on the word ‘Philippines’, which tells me that the answer is likely a currency used in that country. I then examine the available crossword boxes to see if any other clues jump out at me. I notice that the answer has four letters, which eliminates some of the longer currency names used in the Philippines.

Given that the Philippines is a former Spanish colony, I also consider the possibility that the answer may be derived from the Spanish language, so I brainstorm a list of possible Spanish-derived currency names. Quickly, ‘peso‘ comes to mind as a currency name that fits the bill – it’s a widely used currency in the Philippines and it’s a four-letter word that can fit into the available crossword boxes.

With these insights in mind, I confidently fill in ‘peso’ as my answer to the crossword clue ‘Currency of the Philippines’. I grin to myself, feeling quite proud of my deduction skills as a detective.