Cry in a checkers game

Cry in a checkers game - KINGME
Cry in a checkers game

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Johnny who loved to play checkers. He was a master of the game and had won many competitions in his school. One day, he decided to challenge his older brother to a game.

As they played, Johnny made a bold move, putting his king in the front line of his pieces. His brother made a sneaky move and took his king, leaving Johnny with tears in his eyes.

A few weeks later, Johnny’s family was enjoying a family day out, and they came across a street performer who was playing checkers against the public. Johnny decided to try his luck again and stepped forward boldly to challenge the performer.

As they played, Johnny saw the opportunity to take his opponent’s king, and just as he did, he yelled, “KING ME!” The crowd erupted into cheers, and Johnny had won the game! From that day on, Johnny never forgot the importance of protecting his king and the power of the phrase “KING ME.

And that is why when you hear ‘Cry in a checkers game,’ the answer is ‘KINGME‘!