Cries after un gran gol de fútbol

Cries after un gran gol de fútbol - OLES
Cries after un gran gol de fútbol

Sofia is a huge football fan and loves nothing more than watching her favorite team compete. One day, she was struggling to complete her crossword puzzle and got stuck on a clue that read ‘Cries after un gran gol de fútbol‘. She couldn’t figure out what the answer was.

Feeling a little frustrated, Sofia decided to take a break and watch some football. As she watched, she saw an incredible goal being scored by her team! The fans all around her erupted into a chorus of “Oles!” as they cheered on the team. Sofia suddenly remembered the crossword clue and realized that the answer was ‘Oles‘!

From that moment on, Sofia never forgot the joy and excitement of shouting “Ole!” after a great goal. And every time she came across that clue in a crossword puzzle, she smiled to herself and thought back to the thrill of that moment in the stadium.