Corporate grind

Corporate grind - RATRACE
Corporate grind

Once upon a time, in a faraway city, there were two rats – Remy and Ronnie. Remy was ambitious, hardworking, and always looking out for ways to climb the corporate ladder. Ronnie, on the other hand, was laid back, carefree, and loved to enjoy life.

One day, Remy and Ronnie noticed that on their way to the restaurants and cafes, they had to go through a maze of tunnels and pipes. They both loved food, so they decided to experiment with their maze skills, and they discovered that some pipes had cheese in them! But, the cheese was not free for all, it had some obstacles and puzzles before they could reach to it.

Remy loved the maze puzzles, and he worked hard to solve them quickly, while Ronnie was not interested in the puzzles, and he wandered around the maze, taking his time and enjoying life.

After some time, Remy noticed that there were more mice like him, working hard to get the cheese. The whole place started to feel like a big office with many mice competing with each other for success. Remy realized that he was no longer just solving maze puzzles, he was in a corporate grind, working tirelessly to stay ahead of the competition.

While Remy was deep into the corporate grind and focused on his goals, Ronnie took it slow and easy, enjoying life and his wanderings through the maze. Remy eventually became tired and exhausted from the constant grind, while Ronnie enjoyed his easy-going life.

In the end, Remy realized that he had been caught in the RATRACE, just like many who become so focused on success that they forget to enjoy life. And Ronnie had found his own way to enjoy life without being bogged down by the corporate grind.