Corner office types

Corner office types - EXECS
Corner office types

It was a busy day at the office as Sarah eagerly scanned through the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. She was stuck on one particular clue: ‘Corner office types‘, with only four available spaces to fill in.

As she glanced around the office, she noticed that the senior executives all had spacious offices that were located on the corners of the building. She suddenly realized that the answer to her crossword puzzle was ‘EXECS‘!

Sarah smiled to herself, proud of her newfound knowledge, and quickly scribbled in the answer. Suddenly, her boss walked into her cubicle, impressed to see Sarah solving the crossword puzzle. He chuckled, “Looks like you’re ready to swap places with those corner office types, eh?” and Sarah laughed along with him.

From that day on, Sarah felt a newfound appreciation for the executives in the corner offices. Whenever she walked past their offices, she would smile and nod, knowing exactly why they were the ‘EXECS’ of the company.