Stuck on ‘Conservative’ in Your Crossword? Get the Answer Now!

Stuck on ‘Conservative’ in Your Crossword? Get the Answer Now! - TORY

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a king who was very proud of his rule over the kingdom. He had many advisors who helped him run the kingdom, but one day he noticed that one of his advisors was always speaking up against any new ideas or changes that the king proposed.

“Advisor, why are you always so against my ideas? Are you a conservative?” asked the king.

The advisor replied, “Yes, your highness, I am a TORY.”

The king was puzzled, as he had never heard the word before. The advisor explained that a TORY was a person who strongly believed in traditional values and was resistant to change.

The king was impressed by the advisor’s loyalty and decided to adopt the word TORY as a term of endearment for his most conservative advisors.

And so, the word TORY became synonymous with conservatism in the kingdom. From that day forward, anyone who was resistant to change or held strong traditional values was referred to as a TORY.