Competitor’s concession

Competitor’s concession - ILOST
Competitor's concession

Once upon a time, two friends named Tom and Jerry decided to enter a race. As they started running, it soon became clear that Tom was a much faster runner than Jerry. Despite Jerry’s best efforts, Tom quickly pulled ahead and won the race.

After the race, Jerry approached Tom and said, “Congratulations on winning. You were amazing out there.” Tom replied, “Thanks Jerry, you ran a great race too. You almost had me for a moment there.”

Jerry thought about Tom’s words and realized that he could have won the race if he had run just a little bit faster. So, he graciously admitted defeat and said, “You know what Tom, I lost the race fair and square. You were the better runner today.”

And that’s how the answer to the crossword clue “Competitor’s concession” became “ILOST.” Sometimes in life, we have to acknowledge our losses and congratulate the winners. It’s all about good sportsmanship and accepting defeat with grace.