Common flag symbol

Common flag symbol - STAR
Common flag symbol

Once upon a time, there was a small village called Starville. Starville was located on the coast, where the villagers spent many of their days fishing for their daily catch. One day, the village decided to create a flag to represent their beloved home. The villagers gathered together to discuss what symbol should be on the flag. As they looked up in the sky, they noticed a bright and shining star that guided them through the night. They all agreed that the star should be the symbol on their flag.

Years went by and the village of Starville prospered. They exported their delicious seafood all over the world and visitors were charmed by their unique flag. As people started to see the flag more often, they began to associate the star symbol with the village of Starville. Soon, other coastal villages began to copy Starville’s flag, making the star symbol a common one found on flags around the world.

And so, the crossword clue “Common flag symbol” became synonymous with the answer “STAR,” thanks to the small village of Starville and their love for their shining guiding star.