Combustible rock

Combustible rock - COAL
Combustible rock

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled at the base of a great mountain, there lived a group of hardworking miners. They spent their days digging deep into the earth in search of valuable resources to bring to the surface.

One day, the village was bustling with excitement as a new crossword puzzle had just been published in the local newspaper. The miners eagerly gathered around to see what words they could fill in.

One clue caught their attention: “combustible rock.” They thought long and hard about what word could possibly fit the description. As they scratched their heads, a young miner named Jack had an idea.

Hey guys, I think I know the answer to this one,” he said. “It’s coal!”

The other miners looked at him skeptically. “But coal doesn’t sound like a rock,” they protested.

Jack explained that coal was indeed a type of rock that could be burned as fuel. He had learned about it in one of his geology classes.

The other miners were impressed and grateful to Jack for helping them solve the clue. They quickly filled in the answer and moved on to the next one.

From then on, whenever they came across the word “coal” in their work or in a crossword, they remembered Jack’s clever insight and were reminded of the importance of keeping an open mind and continuously learning.