Colorful seafood

Colorful seafood - REDCOD
Colorful seafood

As a detective faced with the crossword clue ‘colorful seafood’, my initial thought was that the answer was likely to be the name of a specific type of fish or seafood known for its vibrant color. I started by considering known examples that fit this criteria such as red snapper, rainbow trout or even lobster. However, these were quickly crossed off the list as they were either too long for the available spaces or couldn’t be made to fit with the existing letters.

Next, I turned my attention to other possible interpretations of the clue. Perhaps, I imagined, the answer was not referring to the color of the seafood itself, but rather the dish it was part of. This led me to think of paella or gumbo, both of which are known for incorporating a colorful array of seafood but again, these were too long.

Finally, after pondering the options for some time, it struck me that the answer could be ‘REDCOD‘. This is a type of fish that is commonly found around the North Atlantic and is distinguished by its bright red skin. It’s also a shorter answer, which fits perfectly into the available space. Ultimately, it was the process of eliminating other options and considering the various ways in which the clue could be interpreted that led me to the right answer. As a detective, this same level of persistence, flexibility and attention to detail is required in solving real-world mysteries.