Colombo’s country, in Olympics shorthand

Colombo’s country, in Olympics shorthand - SRI
Colombo's country, in Olympics shorthand

Once upon a time, there was a young athlete named Raj who dreamed of representing his country in the Olympics. After years of hard work and training, he made it to the qualifying round for the 100-meter sprint.

As he stepped up to the starting line, Raj couldn’t help but notice the distinctive blue and green flag of his homeland waving proudly in the stands. He knew that his success was not just for himself, but also for his country and all those who had supported him along the way.

Raj took a deep breath and focused on the task at hand. He pushed off the block and sprinted as fast as he could. As he crossed the finish line, he heard the crowd erupt in cheers. Raj had done it – he had qualified for the Olympics!

But as he began to tell his family and friends about his upcoming trip to compete in Colombo, they all seemed confused. “Colombo?” they asked. “But that’s the capital of Sri Lanka!”

It was then that Raj realized that he had misunderstood the instructions. The qualifying round had only referred to the country’s three-letter code in Olympics shorthand – SRI for Sri Lanka. He felt a bit silly, but also relieved to have cleared up the confusion.

From that day forward, Raj made sure to double-check the details to ensure that he would never risk missing out on a crucial opportunity again. And when he walked out onto the Olympic stage, he proudly wore the SRI emblem on his chest, alongside his own name and the hopes of his beloved home country.