College-level course for H.S. coders

College-level course for H.S. coders - APCS
College-level course for H.S. coders

Once upon a time, in a high school for young coders, there was a group of students who were looking forward to taking a college-level programming course. They were excited to learn more about coding and everything that comes with it. However, they quickly realized that they needed to have some kind of guidance before they could take on such a challenging course.

One day, their teacher announced that they would be offering a new course called “Advanced Placement Computer Science” or APCS for short. This course was specifically designed to help high school students prepare for college-level coding courses.

The students were thrilled to hear this news and immediately started studying for the class. The course was tough, but the students were determined to succeed. They spent countless hours studying and practicing their coding skills. They worked on various projects, honing their coding abilities every day.

As the course came to an end, the students realized just how much they had learned. They were now ready to take on the challenge of college-level coding courses. Their teacher was proud of them, and they were proud of themselves too.

From then on, whenever they saw the crossword clue “College-level course for H.S. coders,” they knew that the answer was APCS. The course that had helped them become better coders and better prepared for the future.