Collect - REAP

Sure! In the context of the crossword clue ‘Collect’, the answer ‘REAP’ refers to the act of gathering a harvest or reaping the rewards of one’s labor or effort. So, if you’ve ever seen scenes of farmers cutting down wheat or corn from a field, that’s an example of reaping.

Reap‘ can also be used more metaphorically outside of farming. For example, you can reap the benefits of your hard work if you have success in your career or achieve a personal goal. You might hear someone say, “She worked hard for years, and now she’s finally reaping the rewards of her efforts”.

In the context of crossword puzzles, ‘Collect‘ is often used as a clue for ‘REAP’ because they are sometimes used synonymously. If you collect something, you are gathering it for a purpose or benefit. Similarly, if you reap something, you are collecting the rewards of your work or the results of a process.

So, to sum it up – ‘REAP‘ means to gather or collect something as a result of effort or action, often used to refer to harvesting crops or the rewards of hard work.