Closed captioner’s machine

Closed captioner’s machine - STENO
Closed captioner's machine

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue “Closed captioner’s machine“, I began by breaking down the clue and analyzing each word carefully. “Closed captioner” refers to someone who creates captions for videos, implying that this machine is used for typing quickly and accurately. The word “machine” suggests that we are looking for a technical device, possibly something used by professionals in the media industry.

With these insights in mind, I realized that the answer to this crossword clue could be a steno machine, also known as a shorthand machine. These devices, often used by stenographers, are designed to quickly record words or phrases that are spoken aloud. They use a special type of keyboard that allows users to type quickly and accurately, making them an ideal tool for closed captioners. The steno machine’s ability to type quickly and accurately also makes it a useful device in professions such as court reporting and medical transcription.

In conclusion, analyzing the language of the crossword clue helped me deduce that the answer was likely a machine used for typing quickly and accurately, which led me to the steno machine. This device’s speed and accuracy make it an excellent tool for professionals in the media industry – just like a closed captioner.