Stumped by a Clear Sign? Unlock the Mystery Here!

Stumped by a Clear Sign? Unlock the Mystery Here! - DEADGIVEAWAY
Clear sign

As a detective tackling the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Clear sign,’ I began my investigation by closely examining the available letters and the corresponding number of spaces in the puzzle. The phrase ‘clear sign’ hinted at an unmistakable indication, so I needed to unravel the answer while considering the length of the word. After some thought, I realized that a three-word phrase might be a perfect match. Delving deeper into the clues, I discovered that the word ‘clear’ could imply something evident or obvious. This led me to the idea that the answer might contain a synonym for ‘obvious.’ As I pondered further, I remembered a well-known phrase: ‘dead giveaway,’ commonly used to describe a clear and blatant clue in mysteries. It suddenly struck me! The answer was ‘DEADGIVEAWAY.’ This three-word phrase encompassed the essence of a clear sign, as it denotes something so obvious that it cannot be overlooked. With a triumphant feeling of solving a captivating puzzle, I continued my journey as an astute detective, ready for yet another challenging inquiry.