Classic Jonathan Swift satire

Classic Jonathan Swift satire - AMODESTPROPOSAL
Classic Jonathan Swift satire

Once upon a time, in the land of literature, there lived a brilliant writer named Jonathan Swift. His pen was quick, and his wit was sharper than any sword. One day, as he sat in his study pondering the state of his beloved country, he had an idea.

Swift realized that the Irish people were suffering greatly under English rule and thought of a way to draw attention to their plight in a satirical way. He wrote a piece called “A Modest Proposal” where he facetiously suggested that the solution to Ireland’s poverty and overpopulation was to sell their children as food to the wealthy English.

The piece was outrageous, controversial and sparked heated debate. It made people realize the true absurdity of the situation, and Swift’s message hit home. His use of irony and wit created a masterpiece that people still talk about to this day.

The crossword clue “Classic Jonathan Swift satire” refers to this very piece, where he proposed such a preposterous solution to a serious problem. So, the answer to the clue is “A Modest Proposal.” Swift’s biting satire was an influential piece of literature that continues to be admired and studied to this day, and the answer to the crossword clue serves as a reminder of its impact.