Cite, with “to”

Cite, with “to” - REFER
Cite, with "to"

As a detective tasked with solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Cite, with “to“‘, my thought process began by exploring the various interpretations of the word “cite“. Was the answer in reference to a citation within a piece of writing or was it related to physical locations such as a city or site? Next, I considered the context of the accompanying word “to“. It suggested a link between two elements, perhaps a connection between a person or thing and a source. This led me to consider the word “refer“. After some consideration and analysis, I realized that “refer” fit the bill perfectly as it means to direct attention to or “cite” a source as an authority figure. The concept of citing a source “to” a person, place or thing confirmed my initial deductions, leading me to confidently submit ‘REFER‘ as the answer.