Chunk of cash

Chunk of cash - WAD
Chunk of cash

Certainly! “WAD” is a slang term that typically refers to a large sum of cash, often used in informal or colloquial language. While it isn’t considered proper English, it’s a term that’s commonly used and understood, particularly in certain circles.

The origin of this term is actually unclear, but it’s thought to have originated with the practice of folding money into a tight wad, making it easier to carry around. Over time, the term “wad” came to be associated with the amount of money that someone might have in their pocket or wallet. The term has been in common use for many years, and it’s still used today in many parts of the world.

In the context of crossword clues, “wad” might be used to indicate a large amount of money, or a chunk of cash, as the clue suggests. It’s not typically used in more formal writing or speech, but it can be a useful term to know if you’re reading anything written in more informal or conversational language.

Overall, “wad” is a straightforward term that can be understood simply as a slang synonym for money. While it isn’t necessarily a term that everyone will be familiar with, it’s still relatively common and can be seen in many different contexts.