Stumped by ‘Chopper’ Crossword Clue? Find the Answer Here!

Stumped by ‘Chopper’ Crossword Clue? Find the Answer Here! - AXE

Once upon a time, in a dense forest, there lived a young lumberjack named Jack. Jack was known for his exceptional chopping skills that he had acquired from his grandfather who was a woodcutter. Every day, Jack would go to the forest and chop down trees using his trusty chopper, which he inherited from his grandfather.

One day, while Jack was busy chopping away at a tree, a stranger appeared before him. The stranger was a crossword puzzle enthusiast, and he wanted to give Jack a clue to solve for a crossword puzzle he was working on. The clue was “Chopper.” Jack, who was not an avid crossword puzzle solver, couldn’t seem to think of any answer.

The stranger then pointed to Jack’s chopper and said, “You’re using a chopper right now, but what is another term for a chopper that has only three letters?” It was then that Jack realized that the answer to the crossword puzzle was “AXE.”

From that day on, Jack made sure to include some time solving crossword puzzles in his daily routine, and whenever he came across the clue “Chopper,” he knew exactly what the answer was.