Check out, as a book

Check out, as a book - BORROW
Check out, as a book

As a detective, my first step in solving the mystery of the crossword clue “Check out, as a book” is to carefully analyze the given clue and brainstorm possible solutions. Upon examining the keyword “check out”, which is a common term used in libraries, I intuitively inferred that the answer is related to borrowing books.

Next, I consider the number of letters in the solution word, which has six letters. To accurately fill in this section of the crossword puzzle, I scrolled through my mental library of six-lettered synonyms related to borrowing books, such as “lend” or “rent”. However, neither fully fit the entire clue, and I noted the subtle difference in meaning between the two words.

Finally, I focused on the context of the entire crossword puzzle and the surrounding clues. By combining the previous insights of the keyword in the clue, the length of the word, and the consideration of word synonyms, I concluded that the most relevant and accurate answer that fit the entire crossword was ‘BORROW’.

Therefore, the mystery of the crossword clue “Check out, as a book” was unravelled by my ability to analyse and logically deduce the most appropriate answer to successfully complete the puzzle.