Stumped on a Crossword? Discover the Answer to a Vital Essential Worker

Stumped on a Crossword? Discover the Answer to a Vital Essential Worker - NURSE
Certain essential worker

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a kingdom ruled by a kind queen. The queen had four children, and she took great care of them.

However, one day, a terrible illness broke out in the kingdom, and many people got sick. The queen was worried about her people and wondered how she could take good care of them.

The queen called upon the wisest sage in the land and asked him for a solution. The sage told her that she needed someone who would take care of the sick people day and night, someone who would give them medicine, take their temperature, and make sure they ate properly. That person was a nurse.

The queen immediately sent a message to all the people in the kingdom, asking for help in finding a nurse. She promised that whoever found a nurse for her kingdom would be rewarded with riches and eternal glory.

Many people in the kingdom wanted to help, and they began to search for a nurse. Finally, a young girl named Maria came forward. She said that she had seen a woman in the forest who had helped take care of her sick grandmother. The woman had said that she was a nurse.

The queen was overjoyed and immediately sent for the woman. The woman came and introduced herself as Nurse Johnson. She explained that she had been trained to take care of people who were sick.

The queen was so impressed by Nurse Johnson’s knowledge and kindness that she made her the head nurse in charge of taking care of all the sick people in the kingdom.

From that day on, Nurse Johnson worked tirelessly, day and night, taking care of the sick people in the kingdom. She became known as a certain essential worker, as her work was vital to the health and well-being of the kingdom’s people.

And so, the people in the kingdom learned the important role that nurses played in keeping them healthy, and they forever remembered Nurse Johnson as an essential hero.