Stumped by ‘Campus Part’? Find the Surprising Answer Here!

Stumped by ‘Campus Part’? Find the Surprising Answer Here! - QUAD
Campus part

Once upon a time, there was a university campus that was spread across a vast area with many buildings, roads and pathways. One day, a new student named Jack arrived on the campus looking for his lecture hall. He asked a passerby for directions, and the person replied, “Go straight ahead, take a right turn at the building with the clock tower, and you will reach the campus part where you will find your class in the QUAD.”

Curious about what the “campus part” meant, Jack eagerly followed the directions. As he walked, he noticed that the surroundings became increasingly beautiful and peaceful. There were trees, manicured lawns, and benches where people were sitting and chatting. Finally, he arrived at a large area, enclosed by buildings on all sides and dotted with trees and benches. He saw a stone fountain in the middle of the area, and many students walking in different directions.

Jack realized that this area was the heart of the campus. It was the QUAD – a term used to describe a quadrangle or an enclosed space in a university. It was the perfect place for students to gather, study, relax and socialize between classes. Now, whenever Jack wanted to meet his friends or take a break during a busy day, he knew exactly where to go on campus – to the QUAD.

From then on, Jack always remembered that the crossword clue ‘Campus part’ referred to the most important and vibrant area of his university – the QUAD.