Call overseas

Call overseas - AHOY
Call overseas

Firstly, when I saw the clue ‘Call overseas’ I understood it to be referring to a word that is commonly used to get someone’s attention over a long distance, particularly when they are out at sea. As ‘overseas’ refers to a location beyond the sea, it made sense to me that the answer would be a nautical term.

Next, I thought about the length of the word and the letters that I had available from intersecting answers. With four letters and the third letter being ‘O’, it seemed likely that the answer started with an ‘A’. This led me to consider common nautical terms beginning with this letter, such as ‘Ahoy‘, ‘Anchor’, and ‘Ashore’.

Finally, based on the fact that ‘Ahoy’ is a common nautical greeting used when trying to hail or call someone who is out at sea, I deduced that this was the most likely answer. Overall, my thought process involved taking into account the context of the clue, analyzing the intersecting answers, and using my knowledge of nautical terms to arrive at the solution.