Bun worn high on the head

Bun worn high on the head - TOPKNOT
Bun worn high on the head

Once upon a time, in a small village at the foot of a mountain, there lived a young girl named Lily who loved to experiment with her hair. She spent hours each day trying out new braids and buns, and her friends would always come to her for hairstyling advice.

One day, while walking in the forest, Lily stumbled upon a tall, majestic tree with long, flowing branches that seemed to dance in the wind. As she gazed up at the tree, she noticed a group of monkeys swinging and playing in the branches high up above.

She watched as one of the monkeys deftly gathered its long hair into a bun atop its head, securing it tightly with a vine. Intrigued, Lily asked the monkey why it wore its hair in such a way. The monkey replied, “It’s called a topknot, and it keeps our hair out of our eyes and helps us stay cool in the hot jungle sun.”

Amazed by this new hairstyle, Lily returned to her village and began practicing the topknot herself, adding her own unique twists and decorations. Before long, it had become all the rage in the village, and everyone was sporting their own stylish topknots.

Years later, when crossword puzzles were invented, Lily’s popular hairstyle made its way into the clues. And from that day forward, anyone who saw the words “bun worn high on the head” instantly knew the answer was “topknot“, the beloved hairstyle inspired by the playful monkeys in the forest.