Bullets, e.g.

Bullets, e.g. - AMMO
Bullets, e.g.

As an expert in the field of firearms and weaponry, the answer to the crossword clue ‘Bullets, e.g‘ is ‘AMMO‘, short for ammunition.

Ammunition is a collective term used for all the materials – both explosive and non-explosive – that are fired from a firearm. It includes bullets, shells, cartridges, powder, and primers.

Bullets are essentially the projectile portion of ammunition that is fired from the barrel of the firearm. They can be made of various materials like lead, copper, or steel and come in different sizes and shapes depending on the purpose.

The main purpose of ammunition is to provide the necessary force to propel the bullet from the gun towards the desired target. Ammunition can also vary in its use – some are used for practice shooting, while others are used for hunting or self-defense.

It is important to note that ammunition should be handled with extreme caution, as they can be very dangerous if not handled properly. Always ensure that you are familiar with how to safely handle and store ammunition before attempting to use it.

So, in conclusion, if you come across a crossword clue that references bullets or projectiles fired from a firearm, the answer is most likely ‘AMMO‘ – a shortened term for ammunition.