Bucks, boars and bulls

Bucks, boars and bulls - MALES
Bucks, boars and bulls

Once upon a time, in a magical forest, there were three animals who were the finest examples of their kind. There was a buck with majestic antlers, a boar with razor-sharp tusks, and a bull with massive horns. These animals were the talk of the forest with their impressive physical traits, but there was one thing that united them – they were all males.

One day, a clever witch visited the forest and offered a challenge to the animals. She had a puzzle for them to solve, and if they did, she would grant them each a wish. The puzzle was a crossword, and the clue was “bucks, boars, and bulls.” It seemed like a simple enough puzzle, but the animals struggled to come up with an answer.

The buck suggested “horns,” the boar thought maybe “tusks,” and the bull even suggested “antlers.” But none of these seemed to fit, and the witch just grinned smugly.

Finally, a tiny mouse approached the group and asked what was going on. They explained the puzzle to him, and the mouse simply replied, “MALES.”

At first, the animals were skeptical, but the mouse explained that all three were male animals. Suddenly it clicked, and the witch was impressed. She granted each animal’s wish, and the buck got an even bigger set of antlers, the boar’s tusks became even sharper, and the bull’s horns grew to an impossible size.

Thanks to the little mouse’s suggestion, the animals were able to solve the crossword puzzle and get their greatest wish. And from that day on, they knew the importance of sticking together and helping each other out.