Unlock the Secret: ‘Brooks No Debate’ Crossword Clue Solution

Unlock the Secret: ‘Brooks No Debate’ Crossword Clue Solution - INSISTS
Brooks no debate

The crossword clue ‘Brooks no debate’ can be solved with the word ‘INSISTS’. To understand this word and its application in the given context, we need to understand its meaning and usage.

The word ‘INSISTS’ is a verb that means to demand something forcefully and refuse to accept any argument or opposition. It is often used when someone has a strong conviction about something and doesn’t want any doubt or debate to arise. For example, if a parent insists that their child eat their vegetables, it means that they are demanding it firmly and wouldn’t want to hear any excuses or opposition from the child.

In the given crossword context, if someone ‘brooks no debate’, it means that they are not willing to entertain any dissenting views or arguments about something. In other words, they are insistent upon their position and would want others to accept it without any questions or discussions. This is where the word ‘INSISTS’ fits perfectly with the crossword clue.

To summarize, the answer ‘INSISTS’ is a suitable candidate for the crossword clue ‘Brooks no debate’ as it represents a state of firm conviction without any room for debate or opposition, which is exactly what the clue demands.