Crack the code: How to bring a situation under control

Crack the code: How to bring a situation under control - REININ
Bring under control

Once upon a time, there was a wild stallion named Rebel who lived in the open fields near a village. Rebel was a fierce horse who could outrun any other horse in the area. He loved running free and would often run through the village, causing chaos and destruction in his wake.

The villagers decided they needed to bring Rebel under control before he caused any more harm. They called on the best horse tamer in the land, named Bella. Bella was known for her ability to tame even the wildest of horses.

Bella used a technique called “reining” to bring Rebel under control. She attached a set of reins to Rebel’s bridle and used them to communicate with him. When Rebel started to run too fast or in the wrong direction, Bella looped the reins in a way that brought him back under control.

Eventually, with Bella’s help, Rebel became a well-trained horse who could be ridden safely by anyone. When the villagers saw how Bella had brought Rebel under control using her “reining” technique, they knew that the answer to the crossword clue “Bring under control” had to be “REININ“.