Stumped by this Crossword Clue? The Surprising Answer for ‘Body Part with a Drum’ Revealed!

Stumped by this Crossword Clue? The Surprising Answer for ‘Body Part with a Drum’ Revealed! - EAR
Body part with a drum

Once upon a time, in the small town of Crosswordville, there lived a young and curious girl named Lucy. Lucy loved solving puzzles and her absolute favorite was the crossword puzzle.

One sunny afternoon, Lucy sat on the porch of her cottage, flipping through the crossword book she had just borrowed from the town library. As she scanned through the clues, her eyes caught a particularly intriguing one. It read, “Body part with a drum.”

Perplexed, Lucy pondered over the clue, wondering what body part could possibly have a drum. She thought of arms and legs, but they didn’t seem quite right. Suddenly, inspiration struck her like a bolt of lightning – it was the ear! But how could that be? Her mind raced with questions.

Determined to find the answer, Lucy set off on a quest. She traveled deep into the forest, where ancient trees whispered secrets to her as she passed by. She came across a group of woodland animals, including a wise owl, a inquisitive squirrel, and a snappy rabbit.

She asked the animals, “Do you know of a body part that has a drum?”

The wise owl blinked his large, wise eyes and replied, “Ah, young Lucy, you seek the answer hidden within nature. Listen carefully to the rhythm of the world, and you shall find your answer.”

Lucy contemplated the owl’s words and began to attentively listen to the sounds around her. The gentle rustling of leaves, the distant humming of bees, and the patter of a light rain soon became clear to her ears.

Then, it happened. As Lucy continued to listen, she finally noticed a soft and rhythmic thumping noise, as if someone was gently tapping on a tiny drum. She eagerly followed the sound, which led her to a bush near a bubbling brook.

Peeking through the leaves, Lucy discovered a woodpecker perched atop a mossy log, rhythmically pecking away at it. She watched in awe as it tapped its beak, resonating a drum-like sound against the wood.

Lucy’s face lit up with excitement. She realized that the woodpecker’s ability to drum on the log symbolized the connection between the clue and its answer. Just like the woodpecker, the answer was the ear. Just like a drum, the ear allowed us to hear the world’s symphony of sounds.

With newfound knowledge, Lucy rushed back home and passionately filled in the crossword puzzle, completing it with a sense of accomplishment. From that day forward, she was infinitely grateful for her ears, which allowed her to listen to life’s beautiful melodies.

And so, the story of Lucy and the crossword clue ‘Body part with a drum’ traveled across Crosswordville, inspiring others to embrace their curiosity and seek answers in the wondrous world around them.