Baffled by a bodily function? Unlock the crossword clue here!

Baffled by a bodily function? Unlock the crossword clue here! - ORGY
Bodily function?

As an expert in the field, I can tell you that ‘Bodily function?‘ is a common crossword clue that often refers to sexual activities. And in this context, the answer ‘ORGY‘ is the most appropriate.

An orgy is a social gathering where a group of individuals engage in unrestrained and often promiscuous sexual activities. Orgies have been practiced throughout history in various cultures, including ancient Greek and Roman societies.

In modern times, orgies are often associated with alternative lifestyles and are considered taboo by some. However, there are still individuals and groups who engage in consensual orgies as a form of sexual expression and exploration.

It’s worth noting that orgies are not only limited to sexual activities. They can also involve other physical functions such as drinking, dancing, or other types of uninhibited fun. Nonetheless, in the context of a crossword puzzle, “ORGY” usually refers specifically to sexual activities.

In conclusion, when you come across the crossword clue ‘Bodily function?‘, the answer ‘ORGY‘ should come to mind. It’s an appropriate answer that adequately reflects the context of the clue.