Confounded by ‘Blacken’? Uncover the Surprising Answer!

Confounded by ‘Blacken’? Uncover the Surprising Answer! - TAR

As I approached the crossword clue “Blacken,” I knew I had to delve into the depths of my mind and gather all the knowledge and insights I possessed. My thought process began by taking a literal interpretation of the clue, pondering on how something can be turned black. I considered various options like “burn” or “char,” but they didn’t quite fit the puzzle. It was then that a eureka moment washed over me, like the inky blackness slowly spreading across a blank canvas. I shifted my focus from an action to a substance—”tar.” Tar, that sticky and viscous black liquid derived from organic matter like coal or wood. It made perfect sense, for when something is tarred, it undergoes a transformation, its once vibrant colors obscured by a shroud of darkness. It was through this pondering and careful analysis that I unraveled the enigma behind the crossword clue ‘Blacken‘ and arrived at the answer ‘TAR.’