Bit of vocal fanfare

Bit of vocal fanfare - TADA
Bit of vocal fanfare

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Bit of vocal fanfare’, I first had to look at the clues given to me.

  • ‘Bit of’ indicated a small portion and
  • ‘fanfare’ indicated a showy display.

As I pondered over these clues, my attention was drawn to the word ‘vocal’. This gave me a hint that the answer could be a word that is spoken or sung. The word ‘TADA’ immediately came to my mind as it is a common exclamation used to express triumph or success, often accompanied by a flourish or showy display. This fit perfectly with the clues given in the crossword – a small portion of a showy display that is vocal. Feeling confident in my deduction, I wrote ‘TADA’ into the crossword and moved on to the next clue, satisfied with yet another successful deduction in my trusty detective work.