Bit of udon or ramen

Bit of udon or ramen - NOODLE
Bit of udon or ramen

Once upon a time, in a small noodle shop in Japan, there were two little noodles – Udon and Ramen. They were siblings, but they were always in competition with each other. Udon was proud of its chewy, thick texture, while Ramen boasted about its ability to soak up the flavors of the broth.

One day, a customer came into the shop and asked for a bowl of both Udon and Ramen. The two noodles were hesitant to work together, but they knew they had to cooperate to satisfy the customer’s request.

As they soaked in the hot broth together, they began to realize that they complemented each other perfectly. Udon’s chewiness balanced out Ramen’s softness, and together they created a harmonious and delicious bowl of noodles.

From that day on, Udon and Ramen worked together to make the best noodles they could, and they were known as the famous “Noodle Duo.” Their fame spread far and wide, and people began to refer to them simply as “Noodles.”

So, the next time you’re puzzling over a crossword clue for a bit of udon or ramen, remember the story of Udon and Ramen and how their partnership created the beloved dish we all know and love – the noodle.