Birds in a coop

Birds in a coop - HENS
Birds in a coop

Once upon a time, there was a farmer named Jack who owned a small farm. On his farm, he had a large coop where he kept his beloved chickens. These chickens were all hens – female chickens that lay eggs for Jack every day.

One day, Jack decided to create a crossword puzzle for his friends and family to solve. He made the theme “animals on the farm” and put in clues like “a woolly animal that says ‘baa'” (sheep) and “a large animal that gives milk” (cow).

But Jack couldn’t think of a clue for his hens! He decided to make it a bit tricky and wrote “birds in a coop” as the clue. His friends and family puzzled over it, but eventually someone shouted out “hens!”

Jack smiled as he realized his clever wordplay – of course his hens were birds in his coop! From then on, whenever he played crossword puzzles, he would always look out for clues that had a bit of a twist to them.