Big name in potato chips

Big name in potato chips - LAYS
Big name in potato chips

Once upon a time in a small village, there was a farmer named Mr. Lay. He had a small potato farm where he harvested the best potatoes in the region. His potatoes were so good that they became a big hit at the local market.

One day, Mr. Lay decided that he wanted to expand his business and try something new. He took his delicious potatoes and turned them into crispy, crunchy chips that soon became a sensation throughout the village. Everyone loved them and they became known as “Lay’s chips. “

News of Mr. Lay’s tasty chips began to spread, and soon enough, people from neighboring villages were also hooked. Before long, Lay’s chips had become a big name across the entire region. Today, they are sold all over the world and are still beloved for their delicious taste and crispiness.

So, the clue ‘big name in potato chips’ refers to the success and popularity of Lay’s chips, which all started with Mr. Lay’s savory potatoes from his small farm.