Big-leaguers - PROS

Once upon a time, there was a little league baseball team called the “Scrappy Stars“. They were an aspiring group of young athletes with big dreams of playing in the big leagues someday. Every day, the team practiced hard, working on their swings, throws, and catching skills.

One day, a famous coach named Coach Smith came to visit their practice. He was a well-known baseball coach who had trained many professional players. While watching the team practice, he noticed how well these young athletes played and saw something special in them.

He walked up to the coach and said, “You have some great “Big-leaguers” on your team”. The coach was confused and asked, “What do you mean, Coach?”

Coach Smith pointed to the young athletes and explained, “PROS! These players have what it takes to make it to the professional leagues someday.”

The coach was thrilled to hear such praise. To him, it meant that all the hard work and dedication his team put in was paying off. From that day on, every time the Scrappy Stars played, the coach would refer to them as PROS, to remind them of their potential to be professional players.

And you know what? Some of those Scrappy Stars did make it to the big leagues, just as Coach Smith predicted. They never forgot the nickname the coach gave them, “PROS“, and how it motivated them to keep pursuing their dreams.