Stuck on ‘Big Bash’ in Crossword? Unlock the Answer Now!

Stuck on ‘Big Bash’ in Crossword? Unlock the Answer Now! - FETE
Big bash

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When we talk about a “big bash,” we typically mean a large and festive gathering or party. In the world of crossword puzzles, the answer to this clue is often “fete.

A fete (pronounced “fate”) is a traditional French word that refers to a celebration or festival. It is often used to describe a large, outdoor party or event that involves food, music, dancing, and other forms of entertainment. Think of a county fair, a carnival, or a street festival; these are all good examples of fetes.

In crossword puzzles, the word “fete” is often used as a synonym for “big bash” or “celebration.” This is because it connotes a sense of excitement, fun, and community, all of which are essential elements of any good party.

So, to sum up: If you come across the crossword clue “big bash,” the answer you’re looking for is likely “fete.” And whether you’re actually attending a fete or just solving a crossword puzzle, here’s hoping it’s a good time!