Beezus’s sister, in children’s literature

Beezus’s sister, in children’s literature - RAMONA
Beezus's sister, in children's literature

When solving a crossword clue such as ‘Beezus’s sister, in children’s literature’, my first thought is to try and recall any children’s literature involving sisters. Beezus is not a familiar name, so it may be a character from a book that I have not read. However, the clue gives the hint that Beezus has a sister. This leads me to search for titles that have a sister dynamic, like “Little Women“, “Sisters Grimm“, and “Ramona and Beezus“. With further examination, it becomes clear that “Ramona and Beezus” is the most appropriate answer, as Ramona is the sister of Beezus in this children’s book series by Beverly Clearly. Therefore, the answer to the crossword clue would be ‘RAMONA‘. By analyzing the clues and using my knowledge of literature and connecting it to the theme of sisters, I was able to decipher the correct answer in a captivating manner.