Beer pong needs

Beer pong needs - CUPS
Beer pong needs

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In the game of beer pong, players typically fill plastic cups with beer and arrange them in a triangle shape on each end of the table. The objective of the game is to throw ping pong balls into your opponent’s cups, and when you succeed, they must drink the beer inside that cup.

So, the crossword clue ‘Beer pong needs‘ is looking for a specific item that is required to play the game, and the answer is ‘CUPS‘.

Cups are an essential element of the game, as they hold the beer that players will drink when shots are made. In general, players will use disposable plastic cups that are roughly 16 ounces in size. They can be clear, colored, or have designs on them, but the important thing is that they are lightweight and easy to throw ping pong balls into.

It’s worth noting that players may also use additional cups of water to clean off the ping pong balls between shots, or to dip the balls in water to make them easier to throw. However, these cups are not typically included in the triangle layout – they are just kept nearby for convenience.

In summary, if you see the crossword clue ‘Beer pong needs‘, you can safely assume that the answer is ‘CUPS‘. While there are other elements to the game, such as the balls and the table itself, cups are the most critical component without which the game cannot be played.