Crack the Crossword: Identify the Iconic Beer with Mountain Logo

Crack the Crossword: Identify the Iconic Beer with Mountain Logo - COORS
Beer brand with mountains in its logo

Long ago in the mountains, there was a small village known for its brewing of the finest beers in all the land. The villagers were known for their craftsmanship and their love of the outdoors. One day, a local brewer decided to create a beer unlike any other – one that would reflect the beauty and grandeur of the mountainous landscape that surrounded them.

He spent countless days and nights brewing and crafting the perfect recipe. He eventually came up with a beer so delicious and refreshing that it captured the essence of the mountains and the spirit of the villagers. To reflect the majesty of their surroundings, he created a logo featuring the mountains – the backdrop to their daily lives – as a symbol of pride for his beer.

As word quickly spread of this new amazing beer from the village in the mountains, it was given a name that would forever carry the essence of the brand with it. The name ‘COORS‘ was given to the beer, and it became a symbol of the mountainous landscape and the proud craftsmen who brewed it.

Today, COORS beer continues to be a beloved drink worldwide, with its iconic logo featuring the majestic mountains still standing as a symbol of the beer’s roots and its connection to the beauty of nature.